It all starts with a quest of how things can (should?) be and what “work” is really about. I’d like to explore different things that make work a place where we are at our best, that helps us be ourselves and doesn’t stand on the way of living.  There are small things, there are big things, there are those that require a little brush up or a deep cultural change.  The ideas of new ways of working are out there now, we just need to find the way to make them part of our life.

My passion about the future of work, is based on the following believes:

1. We are all capable of much more. We are not using our potential, our creativity, our capability, our enthusiasm even for quarter of what we could have. And I am sure there’s a way to unleash it all and we could do much more if supported with the right environment.

2. Life is short. If we spend 2/3 of our awake life working, the least we deserve is to be ourselves at work, feel good about what we do and be happy. The time at work IS our life. It is not supposed to be a dreadful experience.  It should give us even more energy to enjoy our families and other exciting life experiences.

3. The world needs passionate, fulfilled, happy people. They make a difference. And instead of keeping us busy with every-day tasks beneficial only to our employer, companies should really support us in growing and fulfilling our true potential.

So Chemistry@work is about exploring all the things that I believe work can be about. And  instead of silently thinking my thoughts I decided to type them out loud.


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