Post #1: the one about Great Jobs


As organizations we all want to have people on board who believe they have a great job. Those are most motivated, committed, creative, productive people at work. As individuals we all wish we had a great job, as it would make us happier and more excited human beings. So what is a great job?

We learnt to believe that it’s not about only about the job content; that people don’t leave companies – they leave managers. I believe while bad managers can be a trigger for a final decision, there is more to work that makes it “great”, and not just “ok”. Here are some of the key parts of a Great Job:

  1. Job itself: what we do on every day basis, how much meaning we see in it and how much it inspires us. Let’s say, if it were your own business and if you didn’t need money, – would you still be doing this?
  2. The journey: are you supported in your journey with knowledge and development you need to be successful in your job? Do you know what ‘success’ means in your job? Are you clear on the direction you’re moving in? Are you recognised and appreciated for your work?
  3. Leadership: do you in heart support leadership decisions; do you feel ‘on board’ with the company’s direction? In day-to-day life, are you supported with the right type of leadership that helps you to be successful?
  4. Team environment: team spirit, team culture, team dynamics. If you could choose your own team, – would these be the people you’d surround yourself with?
  5. Working environment: does office culture encourage you to be yourself and appreciates your uniqueness? Are office traditions aligned with who you are and what you value?
  6. Working space: does your office physical space encourage development, innovation, exchange of ideas? Do you feel it’s a ‘playground’ for your every day work? Do you feel excited coming to office every day?
  7. The role of work in life: is your work an organic part of your life? Or does it stand on the way of living your life outside of office? Are conditions of your work flexible enough to accommodate your lifestyle and changes that might happen in your life?

Consciously or subconsciously, these are the key things that make you happy, excited about your work, motivated every morning to kick off yet another working day. And at some point these will be pros or cons for “should I stay or should I go” decision.

So these are the things I’m excited to explore further, write about, reflect on or challenge on! All with the belief that there’s a better way to work, and it is in our interest to find it.